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Our mission is to improve access to quality care by harnessing the fellowship and goodwill of all dentists and associated dental industries to provide free dental services to underprivileged Indians through donation of equipment, materials and personal endeavour.

Our Vision

Our vision is to lead the transformation of dental care in India to achieve the highest levels of quality, access and affordability.

What We Do

IDA Foundation pledges application of knowledge, experience and expertise for dental excellence and the advancement of dental professional. We promote advancement of the art and science of dentistry and dental education to improve the quality of dental care by:

  • Assisting dentists and their staff to increase and advance their skills and knowledge;
  • Encouraging the establishment and support of student aid programmes;
  • Increasing oral health literacy among Indians by organizing campaigns and events to change the belief that oral health is important for one's overall health;
  • Making grants to appropriate agencies for purposes of research;
  • Making grants to dental schools or other organizations involved in the education of dentists.

IDA Foundation values the nation’s overall health and well-being. We inspire and nurture efforts that have the capacity and potential to improve health for everyone. We accomplish this through four primary avenues of education, research, promoting prevention through our initiatives and treatment. In all our operations, we place transparency, credibility and accountability first and foremost.

Educational Resources

We value dental excellence, which translates supporting dental professionals in their practice by enhancing, updating skills and knowledge. We conduct Continuing Dental Education (CDE) and professional development programmes to ensure an adequate number of talented and skilled dental care professionals who can provide life-changing dental treatment and oral health education. Coordinating and assisting scientific and research- related activities among all sectors of the dental community.

IDA Foundation also awards deserving dental professionals who exemplify quality care and excellence in dentistry.

Besides this we are using education to improve public awareness and involvement in oral health.


At The Indian Dental Foundation, we are looking for ways to make oral health care better through our commitment to research, we are constantly supporting better treatment options. Each year, the Foundation helps fund exciting new projects that bring better dental care to the community.


IDA Foundation Partners with stakeholders to advance and influence policies and initiatives that improve oral health and dental education.

All our initiatives like Tobacco Intervention Initiative (TII)), Oral Cancer Foundation (OCF), Child Dental Foundation (CDF), Emergency Dental Cente (EDC), Healing Smile Foundation (HSF) and National Oral Cancer Registry (NOCR), Oral Health Observatory (OHO) makes public aware of the importance of good oral health. We use these initiatives to encourage the dental professionals to be more active in education and oral health promotion.

In addition we also celebrate important health days throughout the year on a National level under the Swacch Mukh Abhiyan campaign for eg: World Oral health day , National Dentist's Day etc with activities benefiting the public by IDA members.


Providing treatment with compassion and an emphasis on quality to the underserved sections of society.


Improve sustainability by building oral health awareness, fostering opportunities for support from corporations, individuals and foundations and growing revenues.

Developing Case for SupportDeveloping Case for Support

  • Develop donor tracking/prospecting web-based tools.
  • Strengthening connections with donors and inspiring charitable giving.
  • Developing Dental Philanthropy Network.

IDA Foundation is the philanthropic arm of Indian Dental Association (IDA), formed to address its humanitarian and charitable commitments. In India, oral health needs of the vulnerable populations are not addressed, resulting in pain, disfigurement, speech impairments, low self-esteem, lost school days and serious nutritional problems; reduced overall health and productivity; and increased health care costs.

IDA Foundation is a catalyst connecting patients, providers, payers, employers, government agencies and oral health professionals to address the inequalities of oral health care which exist in India; thereby changing people's lives for the better.

IDA Foundation provides a platform to connect. We provide direct care and oral health education to under served people by innovation in education, training, research, advocacy and related programmes.

The IDA funds programs and grants in India by receiving contributions from corporate donors, individual dentists and many others in order to support:

  • Dental education programs and grants.
  • Scholarships for dental students.
  • Grants to non-profit organizations that help expand access to oral health care for disadvantaged populations.
  • Dental research on contemporary issues of concern.
  • Grants for dentists and their dependents who can no longer meet daily living expenses.
Why We Do, What We do

Nearly 600 million Indians suffer from dental diseases because of poverty, lack of access to care and other social and economic issues. In India, dental disease isn't a cosmetic problem. Poor oral health affects overall health. When decay is untreated, children face even greater problems as adults, including chronic conditions that contribute to lung disease, stroke and bacterial pneumonia. In rare cases, oral infections have even led to death. Dental disease is 100% preventable.

IDA's National Oral Health Survey conducted in 2005, revealed rampant presence of oral diseases, with 95% of the population suffering from gum disease, only 50% using a toothbrush and just 2% of the population visiting the dentist. The survey also found Dentist : Population ratio in the rural areas to be dismally low with less than 2% dentists being available for 72% of rural population.

There was urgent need to address the diseases affecting the under-privileged groups on a war-footing. IDA responded by initiating National Oral Health Programme (NOHP). To accurately assesses needs, monitors outcomes, decreases disparities, improves access to care and ultimately improves oral health.

IDA Foundation is a non-profit, charitable organization, and we pride ourselves on the variety of programmes we have instituted or supported that aid the needy, educate the community, and assist worthwhile oral health related organizations by providing the following.

  • Advocacy
  • Preventive Education
  • Continuing Education
  • Preventive Care
  • Checkups
  • Interventions
  • Develop, support and promote programmes aimed at the prevention of oral diseases and the improvement of general and oral health.
  • Provides expertise and advice on (oral) health promotion programmes, suitable for various situations.
  • Develop collaboration and partnership with member associations, inter-governmental, governmental and voluntary organizations involved in the promotion of general and oral health.
  • Promotes the delivery of best possible oral health care.
  • Provides a platform for exchange of knowledge and experience in all aspects of oral health and oral health care.
  • Develop, adopt and encourage pro-active programmes to progressively develop oral health.
  • Provide a comprehensive information and communication system for making relevant information available to members, the media and governments.
  • Provide science-based guidelines to dental professionals to help ensure the best treatment for every patient, every time. This translates into a commitment for dental excellence.
  • Educate lawmakers, policy makers and the public as we advocate for changes to protect and improve the oral health of our country.
  • IDA Foundation hosts the National Sushruta Awards to honor dentists who have made outstanding contributions over years of service. It is our way of saluting their efforts .
  • Since the past 40 years , Colgate in association with IDA organizes oral health awareness programmes to impart oral health education in schools across India. This program runs all round the year.
  • IDA and Colgate’s Oral Health Month offers Public ˜Free Dental Check-ups™ at IDA’s clinics across India, touching lives of 60 lakh people and 1300 towns and various communities. Total Check-ups: 6 Million, per year.
  • FDI, Ivoclar Vivadent & IDA partnered for ‘ SMILE AROUND THE WORLD’ programme touching under-privileged children from municipal schools located in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Thane and other parts of Maharashtra with over 4850 children benefitting from it.
  • Under the Primal Glass CSR program, IDA organizes oral check-up and treatment camps for under-privileged children through dental mobile vans around Piramal factory locations in Gujarat. Total of 900 checkups and 300 treatments were done.
  • IDA in association with Harvard University and Colgate organized a series of oral screening camp for 2 months at Jan Swasthya Abhiyan Kumbh Mela, Nashik, Trimbakeshwar for sadhus,community and children. Over 9000 checkups were done in a span of 2 months.
  • IDA & CACR Programme at MCGM Schools, Mumbai where a total of 300 school children were screened and educated about the ill effects of tobacco.
  • Nearly 600 children screened in August 2008.
  • Landmark show on HIV and AIDS in October 2008.
  • Over 500 patients treated and over 1,829 procedures performed in 2014.
  • We worked with more than 5,000 dental and health organisations to increase awareness of important oral health issues.
  • Our messages promoting good oral hygiene reached an estimated 560 million people .
  • Our Dental Helpline provided direct advice to 10,000 people.
  • Our website saw more than two million visits for oral health information.
  • We accredited oral health products to help consumers make informed choices.
  • We had 1,732 articles promoting oral health in the media and press.


We bring dental professionals and those in need together, to make a real difference. That's why we provide expert, independent and impartial advice on all aspects of oral health.

NGOs running homes for elder, disabled and mentally retarded people volunteer with IDA Foundation. Get easy-to-asses consultation and training for taking care of your patients.

NGOs for orphans , underprivileged children, girls and women are also welcome to partner with us and contribute to bringing out the meaning of IDA out.

IDA Foundation






  • NOHP
    Affirms that oral health is essential to general health.

    Oral Health is vital for overall quality of life. National Oral Health Programme (NOHP) was undertaken to improve oral health because oral health is the basic expectation of all Indians. Oral health is the most basic human needs. NOHP assess needs, monitors outcomes, decreases disparities, improves access to care and ultimately improves oral health.

  • IDA Community Centres
    Centre to render oral health check-ups.

    IDA Foundation after assessing the current oral health care system found profound and enduring oral health disparities in India. Access is hampered by a variety of socio-economic, demographic, cultural, economic, structural, and geographic factors which contribute to people's decisions to forgo dental care. Many children also did not receive needed dental care because their families cannot not afford it.

    IDA introduced Community Dental Centre (CDC) to improve oral health care for vulnerable and under served individuals- including racial and ethnic minorities, people with special health care needs, older adults, pregnant women, populations of lower socioeconomic status and rural populations, among others.

  • Health Initiatives
    To serve the community in acquiring healthy oral hygiene.
    - Launch of Oral Cancer Foundation, Mumbai, Bangalore, Jaipur, Delhi - 26th August 2007
    - ACDEP TII SPOT North Region Launch, North Delhi - 29th August 2008
    - World No Tobaco Day, Mumbai - 31st May 2009
    - Child Task Force Child Dental Centre Launch, Taj Land , Bandra - 28th Feb 2010
    - Anti Tobacco Day Observatios of IDA Kerala State, Kerala - 31st May 2011
    - 1st Child Development Centre, Mumbai - 14th November 2011
    - Tobacco free India campign - Limca Book of record, 13 different states - 25th Jan - 03rd March 2012
    - Oral cancer screening for Limca Book of records, all over India - 01st-07th Sep 2006
  • Scholarships
    To encourage meritorious students.

    IDA & Colgate endeavors to recognize & reward BDS students for their meritorious achievement in academics. The Merit Award is an incentive as well as encouragement to top 3 meritorious students who have achieved highest ranks in each BDS academic year.

    IDA concluded a pact with Colgate about 40 years ago to start IDA-Colgate Merit Awards intended to promote the advancement of dental education and clinical research. The purpose of these awards is to support dental students who have demonstrated academic excellence in dentistry.

  • Awards
    Recognizing significant contributions by eminent Dentists.
    Sushruta Awards

    National Oral Healthcare Sushruta Awards recognize the highest standards of excellence in the oral healthcare, honoring individuals in respective fields for their outstanding achievement. These awards are instrumental for motivating other professionals to strive for greater heights and to contribute more actively towards promoting the profession’s intellectual, creative and ethical value systems.

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